• Exciting changes at Illuminate Collective!

    Exciting changes at Illuminate Collective!
    What a busy month it has been at Illuminate Collective! We are so thrilled to have introduced our first complete line of brand new hand dyed, hand woven Moroccan rugs. This is a huge milestone for us because though we have experimented with weaving our own designs in the past, the majority of our products to date have been vintage rugs, sourced meticulously from...
  • Welcoming Sophie Grace

    Welcoming Sophie Grace
            Grace, born 6/8/17. You might ask why this is on our store blog. Becausefor us, it has everything to do with who we are and what we value. Itnaturally carries over into our work, as we care about not just with ourweavers but their whole families. Although we want to be successful,money isn't our number one motivation. We hire the...
  • Late to the party…

    Late to the party…
    There have been many ups and downs in the rug business. The beginning was the toughest, trying to find where I could buy Moroccan rugs, using my limited Arabic. I was given a tip that outside of the city, there was a Tuesday rug souk in the foothills of the Middle Atlas mountains. So, I left early to be there at 10 am, making...
  • Celebration!

    We are celebrating three years in Morocco!! It’s been an incredible season of life, where we have added so many amazing friends and have seen our business expand beyond our imagination. We truly are living the Moroccan dream. The last three years have been filled with up and downs as we have struggled to learn Arabic and a new culture, sitting for hours in...
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