• A Story of Authenticity, Soul, and Expression

    A Story of Authenticity, Soul, and Expression
    Take an opportunity to sit down with Justin Vorel, owner of Illuminate Collective, to hear him recount how he got started in the industry. We cover the birth of the brand, differences and similarities in international artistic expression and design, and the importance of teamwork and community in a cross-cultural setting. A story of soul, authenticity, and free expression, Illuminate Collective's growth as a business provides an...
  • Illuminate Collective in the News

    Illuminate Collective in the News
    We are incredibly excited about Illuminate Collective’s recent appearance in the Spring 2020 issue of Cover Magazine. This industry-leading media outlet is widely regarded as a benchmark in the interior design and textiles market. The creative team from Cover reached out to us to learn more about how Illuminate Collective has used Instagram as a tool to expand our brand and increase our impact....
  • Beauty in Stillness

    Beauty in Stillness
    Quarantine Update As the world stands still in the wake of COVID-19, this is easy to be overwhelmed by all that is happening around us. Here in Morocco, we have been under kingdom-mandated quarantine since March 20th. As people worldwide have been similarly isolated, we have all been confronted with the same reality: stillness. This season is marked by fear and uncertainty, yet there...
  • Redesigning Our Interior

    Redesigning Our Interior
    Our Identity Big things have been happening here at Illuminate Collective! The journey of our brand has been a story of learning and growth. We started by diving into the Moroccan rug industry's rich history and culture, searching across the country for unique vintage rugs. After years of learning and expanding our reach, we took a step and began creating our rugs. Through this...
  • Exciting changes at Illuminate Collective!

    Exciting changes at Illuminate Collective!
    What a busy month it has been at Illuminate Collective! We are so thrilled to have introduced our first complete line of brand new hand dyed, hand woven Moroccan rugs. This is a huge milestone for us because though we have experimented with weaving our own designs in the past, the majority of our products to date have been vintage rugs, sourced meticulously from...
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