Treasure You - 2'9 x 6'9 - 0.83m x 2.05m
This is a fabulous life, full of adventure and joy, and this rug makes life just that much sweeter. This is a true master piece. Product - 100% Handmade Vintage Moroccan Rug Size - 2'9 x 6'9 - 0.83m x...
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Vantage Point - 4'2 x 6' - 1.27m x 1.82m
Different perspectives are opportunities for fuller pictures of reality. This rug offers a hypnotizing design featuring many variations of classic Berber patterns. Product - 100% Moroccan Handmade Rug Size -  4'2 x 6 - 1.27 m x 1.82 m Rug Thickness...
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Vibrance - 4'5" x 7'10" - 1.35m x 2.39m
This is a fabulous Tinsent flat weave in perfect condition. You will not find one in better condition, and you have to love the sheer power of this rug. Product - 100% Handmade Vintage Moroccan Rug Size - 4'5" x...
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Villagers - 3'1"x 6'3" - 0.94m x 1.90m
These colors are so bold that they could make any room come alive. This is a fabulous little find. Product - 100% Handmade Vintage Moroccan Rug Size - 3'1"x 6'3" - 0.94m x 1.90m Rug Thickness -  Approximately 3/4 Inch...
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Walk Your Walk - 2'4 x 6' - 0.71m x 1.83m
If you are looking at this rug, you know how to walk the road less traveled and are not defined by the norm. This little rug is so fun and it is a party in itself. Product - 100% Handmade...
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Wanderer - 3'2" x 4'9" - 0.97m x 1.45m
This rug is so rich that you can get lost in it mesmerizing pattern. Product - 100% Handmade Vintage Moroccan Rug Size - 3'2" x 4'9" - 0.97m x 1.45m Rug Thickness -  Approximately 1/2 Inch Materials -  Wool Circa -...
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World Above - 3'2" x 6'4" - 0.97m x 1.93m
Sometimes you just need a little bit of everything, and this rug gives it to you. This piece has that great brown to go along with wonderful pops of color. The pattern is pretty fabulous, a quintessential Illuminate Collective Rug....
$475.00 $355.00
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Wound Up - 3'10 x 5'10 - 1.168m x 1.778m
I cannot wait to see the space that this rug goes into. It is such a unique rug and I think would really make a great addition to your area.  Product - 100% Handmade Moroccan Rug Size -  3'10 x 5'10...
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Your Own Way - 4' x 6' - 1.21m x 1.82m
In the middle of the chaos of life, it can be difficult to fully recognize the beauty that comes from our individuality. A top down perspective allows us to see that, while we may share similar details, the direction and...
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