About Us

Illuminate Collective is a handcrafted, vintage rug family, with an uncommon approach to interior art and design.

Our journey was kindled in 2009 when working for an antique rug dealer in Kentucky, along with a lifelong passion for art and design. When our family moved to Morocco and learned the language and culture, we fell in love with the hidden beauty of the people and place. We began buying and selling antique and vintage rugs, and later made connections with the weavers. (Get to know our weavers “here”). With many requests for large sized rugs that just couldn't be found in Morocco, the obvious path was to handcraft and custom design new rugs.

Illuminate Collective is a family made of real people, with real lives. These Moroccan families as well as staff at Illuminate Collective work hard with our own hands to create the beautiful pieces of art and comfort that you desire for your distinct space.

Our passion is to give you the chance to travel to the hidden mountains of Morocco, engage with the Moroccan weavers, and partner with them to design your desired piece of art without traveling all the miles to get there.

We cling to a few values: We advocate for our weavers and believe there is nothing “manufactured” about these rugs designed by hand and passion. We believe that honesty and integrity are the bottom line.

Will you embark on this journey with us?

- Justin, Charli, Ryan & Sophie (On the way) .