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New handmade rug with contemporary design and vibrant colors.
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Vintage rug with traditional patterns and rich history.
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Custom rug designs collection: personalized rugs tailored to your style and preferences.

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Welcome to Illuminate Collective Rugs!

At Illuminate Collective Rugs, we bring you a stunning collection of Moroccan rugs. We have 3 Moroccan rug options. You can shop from our vintage collection to select some of the most beautiful, authentic antique rugs. You can search our new rugs, available today and woven by our amazing weavers or customize your own with our custom rug options. Searching our stock, you can set filters to narrow down color and size options. If you are interested in a custom rug, we will work with you to select your perfect design and match your size to your home. Whether you seek modern, traditional, or custom designs, our online collection has it all. And if you are on a budget, don’t forget to look out for our Moroccan rugs on sale. Let us help you find your perfect handmade rug at Illuminate Collective!
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