How It's Made

  1. Hand-Designed. Hand-Picked. Hand-Dyed. Hand-Woven.
    You may want to choose from our selection of antique or vintage rugs, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, our handcrafted rugs are THE exception in rugs.
  2. Hand-Designed
    We take a leap of faith when we design a new rug. Although we could possibly have more control over the end product, that’s not who we are or what we are about at Illuminate Collective. Each rug is one of a kind. We trust the weavers to collaborate with us, allowing them to weave out of their own hearts and souls, and we have never regretted this design process. No rug is ever the same as another rug and the most beautiful designs are those built on a foundation of rich, traditional Moroccan rugs.
  3. Hand-Picked Wool
    We hand select all the wool used in weaving the rugs.  We use 100% wool woven on hand spun foundation, rather than today’s common cotton foundation. We have ladies who execute this labor intensive process in order to bring us the best materials. The benefits of wool foundation are that our rugs are not like stiff manufactured rugs. Instead they are luxuriously soft and maintain better flexibility. In fact, we intentionally go against the norm of thin rugs and instead create thick, plush rugs that are soft enough to sleep on!
  4. Hand-Dyed Wool
    We fell in love with Moroccan rugs in large part because of the colors. And this is a main reason why we make our own rugs.  Illuminate Collective keeps with the old traditions of hand dying the wool,  so that we maintain those rich, vibrant Moroccan colors we fell in love with.  We use a process called “Vat dying,” using large stainless steel pots instead of copper, and temperature control the dye, as well as using the best dyes available. We are able to achieve something really special in the deep rich colors we can produce, as well as soft beautiful pastels which often don’t exist in rugs today.
  5. Hand-Woven
    Because we use the traditional hand crafted techniques that have been used for generations in Morocco, our rugs are not perfectly, mechanically straight. But this is what makes our rugs different and special. They have beautiful imperfections because they are hand woven on looms rather than factory machine made rugs.

Custom Made