Our Weavers

“Our weavers are the joy of our business”

In the midst of our journey of buying and selling antique rugs, we realized that the weaving traditions of Morocco were being lost. The women weaving were not being paid living wages, and often were being taken advantage of. Many weavers had been pressured to produce rugs that weren’t true to themselves, black and white rugs lacking in the vibrant styles of Moroccan heritage. We are passionate about empowering them to create rugs true to their Moroccan roots and to live better lives for themselves, their children, and for future generations. Most of our weavers are illiterate and do not have the skill set to get any other job. They all live in rural areas and most of them are working to support their entire families. As our business has grown, we have seen these weavers become a close-knit community, helping one another to complete the rugs. We want to provide a good living for their families and keep Moroccan traditions alive!