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Different Types of Rug Weaves You Need to Know About Before Buying Designer Rugs

by Justin Vorel 07 May 2021 0 Comments

Weave Types

When it comes to buying designer rugs, people rarely pay attention to rug weaves, which is an easily overlooked yet important component for choosing the right rug for your space. 

The different types of rug weave translate into the longevity, aesthetics, softness, and value of the rug. This article will discuss different types of rug weaves in order to help you meet the unique requirements for your space and make the rug selection process easier for you. 


Usually seen in vintage rugs, hand-knotted rugs reflect meticulous craftsmanship and the amount of time and effort put into it. A weaver fastens each knot to the yarn to bring a distinctive design to life. Hand-knotted rugs are generally soft yet durable. The aesthetics and rich history of these rugs make them unique from the others. 

A hand-knotted rug allows the design to come out on both sides of the rug, meaning they are reversible. Even though they have very high longevity, most people prefer to put them in low-traffic areas such as dining space due to their high value. 

Hand Hooked

Made by using a hooking needle to loop the yarn through a canvas frame, hand-hooked rugs deliver an organic look and feel. Rather than shearing off the wool for an even pile, the rug remains stubby. Hand-hooked rugs have less density than tufted or knotted rugs, so they are suited more for a low-profile area. 

Inspired by desert life, these rugs are lightweight and won’t trap as much heat. The vibrant colors and storied patterns also bring Eastern influence to these rugs. Rotating your hand-hooked rugs at least once a year will keep them looking fresh and new longer. 

Hand Tufted

Similar to loom rugs, hand-tufted rugs have cloth foundations and pre-woven small squares. Hand tufting is a more straightforward process that creates beautiful and low-cost rugs. A latex coating that is glued to the back of the rug holds the fiber together. The yarn fiber gets trimmed down for an even pile that gives the hand-tufted rugs an even and smooth texture.

The speedy manufacturing makes these rugs shed more, which can be tackled by vacuuming gently every week. A rug pad is very handy for these types of rugs as it will give your rug an extra grip. The added stability makes hand-tufted rugs suitable for high foot traffic areas such as the living room. You can also use hand-tufted rugs as the landing pad in the bedroom for their comfy, cozy texture. 

Hand Loom

Handloom is one of the most recent types of rug weaves. These pieces are hand-woven on a loom to streamline the process. The weaving technique, however, has a few restrictions over the design — only loop piles, cut piles, or a mix of both can be designed using this technique. 

Another unique feature of handloom rugs is, they don’t have fringes or secure sides that the other types of weavings have. This weaving technique includes a synthetic latex component that increases its strength, making it suitable for high traffic areas and increased durability.


Similar to the handloom, flatweave rugs are also constructed on looms. However, unlike hand-knotted rugs, rugs of this weave have no backing; therefore, they lack depth. The flatness of these rugs comes with their own advantage as they are easier to clean, making them the perfect choice for busy rooms. 

These rugs are even sturdy enough for a playroom, kitchen, or office hallways. The construction is simple; vertical yarn is woven over the horizontal yarn. This technique comes with another benefit that makes the rugs reversible, so you can use them for longer before you have to wash them. 

Identifying and recognizing different types of rug weaves will take the hassle out of selecting the perfect rug for your space. Depending on the location, traffic, and budget, you can choose from these unique types of rug weaves that come with strengths and weaknesses of their own. 

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