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How to Maintain Your Handmade Moroccan Rug

by Justin Vorel 15 Dec 2022 0 Comments
How to Maintain Your Handmade Moroccan Rug

One of the most important things for you to learn after purchasing your authentic Moroccan rugs online is methods of maintaining the unique product. While our handmade Moroccan rugs are made with passion and are built to last, performing regular upkeep will ensure that the rugs maintain their beauty for even more years to come. Let’s get started on some simple tips you can do to maintain your Moroccan style rugs. 

How Does a Rug Need to Be Kept?

If you plan on keeping furniture on your rug, you should be regularly rearranging it in order to prevent dents. Simple shifting furniture a few inches every week or two will prevent damage to your rug.

How to Clean a Rug?

When your Moroccan rug requires cleaning, you should never put it in a washing machine; always hand-wash with cold water and a gentle laundry soap. After rinsing the soap off, allow the rug to dry fully in the sun before putting back. Additionally, you can brush the rug with a plastic brush for a final finishing touch.

How to Maintain a Rug?

For standard day to day or every other day maintenance, you should be vacuuming your fair trade Moroccan rugs, as well as brushing with a plastic hand-brush.

How to Remove Stains and Odors

Handmade Moroccan rugs require delicate cleaners, you don’t want to use harsh chemicals. It’s also not a good idea to soak the rug when spot treating for stains, as it may lead to mildew growth. To clean a stain naturally, first dab it with acidic substances such as white vinegar or club soda. Then, to get rid of any residual odors or break down leftover grease, use an alkaline substance such as baking soda and leave it for at least 20+ minutes.

How to Store a Moroccan Rug

The first, most important step while storing your modern handmade Moroccan rugs is to ensure that they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. Optionally, you can add mothballs or other natural insect deterrents if you plan on storing it for over a month. Next, make certain that the rug is rolled up tightly and then wrap it in a breathable fabric or plastic cover. Some companies sell rods in order to make rolling the rug more efficient and easy. If possible, when storing, make sure your Moroccan rug is standing upright in order to prevent it from developing creases.

Protecting a Moroccan Rug

One of the easiest things you can do in order to protect your Moroccan bohemian rugs is to use preventative methods. Some simple methods are:

  • Not wearing outside shoes indoors
  • Refraining from eating on or around the rug
  • Using your door mats or investing in one 


Modern handmade Moroccan rugs are a timeless piece of beauty that, with the proper maintenance, will last for many years to come. Whether your rug is full of lively geometric designs or is embroidered with simple stripes, any Moroccan rug will be a great statement piece in any room. We hope that you’ll follow these simple steps so you’ll have a long-lasting handmade rug!

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