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Why a 5x7 Rug is the Perfect Choice for Your Room

by Justin Vorel 28 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Why a 5x7 Rug is the Perfect Choice for Your Room

The charm of a handmade rug is undeniable. It's like a work of art that lies beneath your feet, with every weave narrating a story of craftsmanship and heritage. Yet, when it comes to choosing the right rug for a room, size does matter. And a 5x7 rug might just be the perfect choice. Allow me to tell you why.

Perfectly Proportioned

A 5x7 rug fits beautifully into most spaces. Whether it's a small studio apartment, a spacious living room, or a cozy bedroom nook, this rug size is perfectly proportioned to add warmth and color without overwhelming the space. It's large enough to make a statement yet small enough to blend in seamlessly.

Design Versatility

A 5x7 rug is versatile in terms of design. You can place it under the coffee table in the living room, beside the bed in the bedroom, under the dining table for a cozy breakfast nook, or even in your home office to create a cozy workspace. The possibilities are endless, making a 5x7 rug an excellent choice for any room.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to larger rugs, a 5x7 rug is easier to clean and maintain. You can easily pick it up for a shake-out or a spot clean, and it doesn't require as much effort for a thorough vacuuming. This makes it a practical choice for busy households.

Now, allow me to introduce you to three of our magnificent 5x7 rugs: Block Party, Pale Spring, and Makers Hands.

Block Party

Block Party, as the name suggests, is a celebration of colors and patterns. Its geometric design lends an air of modernity, while its vibrant hues add a cheerful touch. This rug can instantly lift the mood of a room and serve as a stunning focal point.

Pale Spring

For those who prefer subtler aesthetics, Pale Spring is a wonderful choice. With its soft color palette and delicate design, it evokes a sense of calm and serenity. It's like bringing a breath of fresh spring air into your home.

Makers Hands

Makers Hands is a testament to the skill and passion of our artisans. Its intricate pattern and warm colors tell a story of tradition and craftsmanship. This rug is not just a home accessory; it's a piece of art that adds a layer of richness to your space.

Each of these rugs, with their unique designs and the magic of the 5x7 size, brings something special to a room. So, if you're looking to transform your space, a 5x7 rug might just be the perfect choice for you. After all, the right rug isn't just a floor covering; it's the foundation of a beautiful room.

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