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Illuminate Collective in the News

by Nathan Foster 01 May 2020 0 Comments

We are incredibly excited about Illuminate Collective’s recent appearance in the Spring 2020 issue of Cover Magazine. This industry-leading media outlet is widely regarded as a benchmark in the interior design and textiles market. The creative team from Cover reached out to us to learn more about how Illuminate Collective has used Instagram as a tool to expand our brand and increase our impact.

Starting with the birth of our brand, we walked Cover through Illuminate’s journey. This interview was a fun way to look back at where we started, and it was a joy to continue sharing our story with the international design community. We also had the opportunity to highlight how our team contributes to creating the beautiful products that we offer. Being featured in a magazine as well-known as Cover was a true honor. Please take a look at Spring 2020 Issue 58 on Cover’s website, and be sure to read our full feature article!

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