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Beauty in Stillness

by Nathan Foster 24 Apr 2020 0 Comments

Quarantine Update

As the world stands still in the wake of COVID-19, this is easy to be overwhelmed by all that is happening around us. Here in Morocco, we have been under kingdom-mandated quarantine since March 20th. As people worldwide have been similarly isolated, we have all been confronted with the same reality: stillness. This season is marked by fear and uncertainty, yet there are many reasons to remain hopeful; the love of our families, the break from our hectic schedules, the time to rest all provide ways for us to cling to joy in this dark time.

Team Care

With all non-essential work canceled in our country, the working class has certainly been affected. We have been forced to pause production as we obey the rules that have been set in place. However, this time has brought our team at Illuminate Collective closer than ever. We have had the opportunity to continue supporting our weavers financially as they navigate this pandemic. We remain committed to working and partnering with our Illuminate family as we fight together to resist this global phenomenon. We believe that through cooperation and resiliency, a brighter future can be forged. While our looms may be empty, we will continue to use this time to build our team's vision and care.

Commitment to our Customers

While we have been forced to halt our weaving, we can still send out our finished products within the quarantine restrictions. It's a huge blessing and opportunity to continue providing you, our customers, with the joy that comes from these beautiful pieces of art. We are currently running a 35% price sale on all of the inventory to make our rugs even more accessible during this time. Now is the perfect time to find a rug to bring into your home. There is no better way to bring warmth and life into your self-isolation than by laying down a soulful piece of Moroccan handiwork onto that space in your house! Follow this link to look at our available products and find that missing piece to complete your space!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @illuminatecollectiverugs  

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