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Welcoming Sophie Grace

by Justin Vorel 23 Jun 2017 0 Comments

        Grace, born 6/8/17. You might ask why this is on our store blog. Because
for us, it has everything to do with who we are and what we value. It
naturally carries over into our work, as we care about not just with our
weavers but their whole families. Although we want to be successful,
money isn't our number one motivation. We hire the best and pay more
than anyone else in Morocco. We don't see them just as employees but as
part of our family. Their children grow up with our children, and just
as we want our children to have a better future, we strive for the same
thing for our weavers and their children. You know, when you buy a rug
from us, you aren't just purchasing a beautiful rug, but you are
investing in a family.

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