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Exciting changes at Illuminate Collective!

by Akash Rami 04 Apr 2018 0 Comments

What a busy month it has been at Illuminate Collective! We are so thrilled to have introduced our first complete line of brand new hand dyed, hand woven Moroccan rugs. This is a huge milestone for us because though we have experimented with weaving our own designs in the past, the majority of our products to date have been vintage rugs, sourced meticulously from all over Morocco. 

After nearly four years of working in the Moroccan rug industry, we have learned so much not only about the history of weaving and the rug market in Morocco, but of the challenges and aspirations of the artisans who continue to weave today. 


We adore the vibrancy and unique character each vintage rug has to offer. Each rug tells a story, not only of the rich heritage of the Amazigh people, but of a region, a tribe, and a family. However, exclusively selling vintage rugs not only fails to support weavers who are alive and weaving today, but it also fails to support the preservation of Moroccan rug production for future generations.
Partnering with talented and passionate weavers means creating timeless, luxury Moroccan designs in the same spirit the world has come to adore. We believe this is the best way to empower weavers and ensure that the Moroccan weaving tradition is upheld.


You will notice more sales on our vintage rugs to shift toward the current rug market in the coming months. We believe this is how we can do the greatest good in supporting the beautiful craft of Moroccan weaving and the people involved in every step of its supply chain.

We have big things planned for 2018. Stay tuned!

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