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What Is a Moroccan Style Rug?

by Justin Vorel 16 Feb 2021 0 Comments

What is a Moroccan style rug?

A Moroccan style rug is the traditional Moroccan rugs that is soft, plush and has high plies. Moroccan style rugs are often made of wool. A distinguishing feature of Moroccan hand-knotted wool rugs is its unique geometric patterns with soothing colors. 

Moroccan Style Rugs

History of Traditional Moroccan Rugs

Hand-knotted Moroccan rugs decorate your home with luxury and culture like nothing else. The Berber women from Morocco wove them back in 622 AD. Their craft was highly valued and used in sacred places and palaces.

Later, the Eastern Tribes started to make these Beni rugs professionally as presents for high-class families. The wool was collected from the Atlas mountain sheep and spun by hand from yarn. Sometimes camel's hair was used as an alternative to sheep wool.

The beauty of Moroccan rugs was so captivating that there was a superstition that the rug's beauty would invite evil spirits. To protect the rugs from the evil spirit, the makers used to burn the rugs' edges.

Types of Moroccan Rugs

Vintage Moroccan rugs are considered as art-pieces rather than home décors. These luxurious Moroccan carpets come in different types; the most famous types are-

  • Boucherouite
  • Boujad
  • Beni Guild
  • Tribal kilims
  • Beni Ourian

What is a Moroccan Style Rug?

What is a Moroccan Style Rug Made Of

The Vintage Berber rugs are handwoven from premium quality sheep wool. The patterns, techniques, weaving, and thickness make them unique and easily distinguishable from others. These area rugs are perfect for any place and purpose; also, are easy to maintain.

The unique geometric pattern and carefully picked color combination will take your floor to the next level and become the center of your home's attention. Style it up with some pillows to fulfill the cozy look.

The thick, grassy, soft rug feels cozy and comfortable under the feet, perfect to sit on the floor while enjoying movie night.

From where Can I Buy Moroccan Style Rug?

If you ever visit Morocco and ask anyone, "what is the best thing to buy in Morocco?" The answer might be a Moroccan Style Rug!

Even though these rugs used to be sold exclusively in Morocco, many rug distributors collaborate with talented Moroccan weavers to uphold the artisanal value and beauty of Moroccan area rugs worldwide.

The rugs are a bit costly, staying in line with the hand-knotted Moroccan style rugs' craftiness. Depending on the size, the Moroccan rugs can cost you somewhere between US$ 215 and US$ 2400.

Which size should you buy? Well, that depends on the area you're planning to put the rug on.

Click here to wander around a vast collection of handmade Moroccan rugs to style up your modern or classic home.

What Color Rug Should I Get?

Colors In Moroccan Rugs

The variety in color and style of Moroccan area rugs can be overwhelming.

However, whether you go for the bright colors to light up your home or go for ivory rugs with colorful geometric patterns to add a more artistic feel to your home, you CAN NOT simply go wrong with these rugs.

Choose a color that expresses you and your personality the best. Each pattern speaks and expresses itself differently; embrace the uniqueness of these rugs.

How Do You Clean a Moroccan Rug?

Rug Cleaning Tips

To keep your Moroccan carpets shinning and dust-free, vacuum them regularly.

Every once in a while, wash them with cold water and mild detergent soap, preferably hand-wash them to keep your favorite rug in perfect shape longer. Dry it under direct sunlight to retain freshness.

Dust a little baking soda to keep any odor or smell away from the rugs. To keep your feline friends from destroying your favorite interior piece, spray a little diluted vinegar on the rug.

Whether you prefer a minimalist look or an extravagant interior, these handcrafted, woolen Moroccan rugs are ideal for every home. Rich with culture and art, Moroccan style rug goes above and beyond being a unique centerpiece for your home — they offer woven stories with each pattern and color.

If you have any questions or comments about Moroccan style rugs, click here to send it our way!

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