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2021 Carpet Color Trends: Enhance Aesthetics & Comfort of Your Home

by Justin Vorel 26 Feb 2021 0 Comments

 2021 Carpet Color Trends: Enhance Aesthetics & Comfort of Your Home


The long-awaited year of 2021 has arrived with new trends and norms as we say goodbye to 2020.

The question remains, with all the latest hardwood flooring out there, carpet still trendy? The short answer would be, YES!

Through the ebbs and flows of trends and updated interior design tastes, carpets remain, as always, an irreplaceable important building block in creating perfect spaces. Other than functionality, one of the greatest attributes of carpets is that they reflect your personality. Vintage and tasteful rugs such as Moroccan style rugs, Persian rugs, oriental rugs, or Turkish rugs are authentic arts and craftsmanship expressions.

To stay ahead of trends, let's look into the home décor color trends of 2021 and how they can affect your next rug purchase.

Neutral Colors to Enhance Your Comfort Zone

After being cooped up the home for almost an entire year, the home has turned into the nest, a safe place for most people. Colors that reflect peace and calmness are one of the critical features of interior color trends for 2021. Neutral colors are the best way to create a neutral background that will go with any mood, any time.

Colors that reflect your favorite outdoor landscapes, such as sandy beaches, greenery of forests, or autumn leaves, can bring life to your rugs and your homes. Shades of beige, teal, turquoise, and peach can elevate your mood and enhance your comfort zone. Shades of blue, as always, remain trendy and in style.

Gray Is Your Safety Net

Choosing carpet color for a neutral-colored room is easy, but the challenge begins when multiple color pallets are present in one single space.

So, what color rug should you choose?

Well, in that case, gray is your friend. Whether you choose a lighter or darker shade of gray, it blends with pretty much any color. It pairs well with coordinating shades of black and white. Moreover, it makes the bright and vibrant colors in your room pop. Shades of gray will also give you the freedom to choose décor of any color or pattern.

Bold Vibrant Colors for Fun

What's the point of having a rug if you can't have a little fun with it? Bold and vibrant colors say stylish and fun at the same time.

If the rug's goal is not to become the background of your room but to call attention and become the centerpiece, bold, vibrant colors are the best way to go. Orange, purple, emerald, and bright blue colors on carpets will make confidently loud expression statements in 2021. Bold color or patterned rugs go perfectly in a room of any shape, anywhere. Introducing a statement rug into space brings a loud and triumphant voice that can set the mood for an entire room.

Ombre and Multicolor Are in Trend

Last year, ombre took over the beauty and fashion industry and made a significant splash interworld of interior design. The magic of color smoothly flowing from dark to light in a monotonous or multi-colored palette is simply bewitching.

The best part of an ombre carpet is how the patterns play with your mind at different times of the day. Placing a rug designed with beautifully gradient colors in an area with good sunlight can create a beautiful kaleidoscope as the sun moves throughout the day. Whether you choose a combination of vibrant colors or mix it up with neutral colors, the combination goes well in any room.

Choosing the right color of the carpet is the perfect opportunity to renovate an existing look or create an entirely new exciting design that reflects you and your personality. Whether you are going for vintage rugs or brand new, choose a color that elevates your mood and makes you feel at home. Experiment with colors, textures, and patterns to find the carpet that stays in harmony with the rest of the house and complements your interior.

If you have any questions or comments about carpet color trends, click here to send it our way!

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