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4 Tips on Pairing Traditional Rugs with Modern Interiors

by Justin Vorel 04 Feb 2022 0 Comments
4 Tips on Pairing Traditional Rugs with Modern Interiors

Modern interiors have a familiar look with most of the elements matching. This sometimes gives birth to the misconception that all pieces “must” match. That doesn’t seem too bad, right? Now consider this: you decided to wear an expensive dress from the most highly rated brand to a party. But what you see at the party is that almost everyone is wearing the same dress. Doesn’t look so special now, right? 

The good news is you can decorate your modern interiors easily with traditional rugs. You can say goodbye to all the cookie-cutter designs and liven your place up with unique ideas. And if you already have some ideas in mind, you can order your own custom designs at Let your imagination run wild and we will make beautiful bespoke rugs according to your dreams. Here are 4 tips to help you order the best traditional rug for modern interiors.  

Uplifting the Energy of a Room

Modern interior designs are focused on keeping things simple. They lean towards neutral colors with earthy tones. This creates one of the best openings to introduce a traditional rug with trendy colors. For instance, a Boucherouite rug consists of amazing blends of textures and colors. This rug can fill up a simplistic room with lively colors and add fun energy to the space.

Creating Primary Focal Points 

Traditional rugs can create focal points throughout a room. You can immediately draw eyes to areas such as seating or dining area with the help of a rug. This works out particularly well if you want to showcase your modern furniture. For example, you can highlight your modern coffee table with a glass top by placing a colorful rug underneath it. 

Fashioning a Theme 

A rug coherent with the color scheme of the room will reinforce the theme you want to establish. Do you want to fashion an organic look? Group a few plants together on an Azilal Rug. These rugs are hand-woven with a grid and a line of knots. They aren’t as dense as some of the other rugs and are famously used for decorative purposes. You can also hang them on the wall to create an artistic theme for the room. 

Defining Spaces 

Everybody loves a home that is open and spacious. However, this might sometimes mean giving up individual rooms. But thanks to traditional rugs, you can have your cake and eat it too! They help you to define spaces in your open plan apartment without adding walls. By placing rugs you can set up spaces for office, entertainment, bedroom, or even a workout area. 

Rugs add color, class, and style to any environment they are placed in. They take care of the missing elements of modern interiors with a unique elegance. If you’re looking for your dream rug or want to order a custom rug of your own design visit

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