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Moroccan Rugs: What Makes them so Popular and What are Their Qualities?

by Justin Vorel 30 Dec 2021 0 Comments
Moroccan rugs are a great investment that can last for many years. They are popular around the globe because they bring a sense of tradition and cultural identity to a room. A good rug can help to make the room look less bare and can help with the overall décor. This blog will look at the different qualities of Moroccan rugs that make them a great investment.

From being the pride of Berber culture, Moroccan rugs have become a symbol of elegance in household decorations. They were originally woven for their usefulness to combat cold and protect from dust. However, due to their elegant design, they are now frequently placed inside the home to represent a unique taste and exquisiteness. Furthermore, they are also widely collected – especially the vintage Moroccan rugs dating as far back as the 12th century.

Likewise, there are many more unique aspects leading to the popularity of Moroccan rugs. We will discuss these ahead, but first, let’s see what Moroccan Rugs are.

What are Moroccan Rugs?

The Moroccan Rugs are the textiles, weaves, and carpets that have been traditionally HAND-WOVEN in Morocco. The culture of weaving rugs can be traced back to nomadic people in the old stone age era – otherwise known as the paleolithic era. The Berber tribes have kept this tradition going for well over a thousand years. The secrets of this sophisticated art have been passed down from generation to generation. This lends to the beauty of adding new and beautiful iterations of every generation. Meanwhile preserving the ancient culture in the form of vintage handmade Moroccan rugs and portraying every unique art story along the way.

What makes Moroccan Rugs so Popular?

Bold geometric patterns; colorful art designs; representation of folk art; cultural values depictions are only a handful of reasons responsible for making these rugs a symbol of elegance all over the world. There’s a whole lot that goes into making each rug and likewise, each mat can depict countless qualities. Here are a few aspects leading to the popularity of Moroccan Rugs.

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Uniqueness in Every Weave

Weaving has been the culture of ancient Berbers, which has been passed down from one generation to another. What truly sets Moroccan rugs apart is their uniqueness. The fact that they are handwoven adds to their attractiveness. Every imperfection adds exclusivity to each rug. The special symbols such as in Chinese culture get a hint of repetition when machine printed. This drawback is absent in handweaving, where each symbol carries distinctiveness.

Versatility in Every Design

There’s an untrue misconception that there are only a few types of Moroccan Rugs. Of course, a few are more popular than the others, such as the Ourain Rugs. However, it wouldn’t be unusual to claim that there are hundreds of unique designs!

There are more than 40 local Berber tribes in Morocco. And each tribe has its unique style of making its special design of handmade Moroccan rug. Not only that, but each tribe can also have several different styles. Couple that with the fact that the characteristic climate of each region also adds to the versatility of the designs. Each piece carries its own story, aesthetically pleasing depiction, and purposes more than just only covering the floor.

Special in Many Genres

These carpets can be categorized into different genres. The Vintage Moroccan Rugs present the ancient culture throughout history. Apart from the Vintage Rugs, the most popular ones are the Beni Ourain carpets. These are made from undyed wool and have a simplistic and neat design. The carpet is woven from wool, usually in the color white. Whereas the other geometric pattern (such as diamond pattern) is woven in Black color. The equally popular are the Chichaoua carpets. They contain intense colors with alternating geometric patterns in the shape of lines, stripes, zigzags, etc.

From the Mountains of Atlas to our Homes

The production of Moroccan Rugs and its vintage-ness has been traced back to the 8th century. Ever since then, its widescale popularity has only gotten more fashionable. The Berber population of Morocco has handwoven these carpets and kept the culture going through generations. The product originating as a part of a tradition in the Atlas Mountains has traveled centuries and all over the world and added a decorative charm to our homes.

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