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Moroccan Rugs in 4 Amazing Colors

by Justin Vorel 14 Oct 2022 0 Comments

 Moroccan Rugs in 4 Amazing Colors

Are you looking to buy your next homemade Moroccan rug, but you’re not sure what color rug to go for? We can help. Four colors work beautifully well, including blue, purple, red, and gray. But there's more to choosing the color of a rug than just the color!

Don't worry, we’ll go through what to keep in mind. Understand more about the texture and style of your Moroccan rug, and how to choose the right one whatever size of the room you’re working with.

Colors for Style

The keynote to remember when it comes to style is that it’s all about you. Trends in interior design will change constantly. But that doesn’t mean your home or room must reflect that.

Shop around. Learn what’s best for your room, including its size of it. Then, choose the Moroccan rug that you absolutely love because that won’t ever go out of style.

Popular colors for a Moroccan rug are blue, red, purple, and gray. But don’t just pick one at random. Choose a color that complements the rest of your room. If you have furniture that has patterns on it, your best bet is to go for the solid block color for your rug. Otherwise, your interior design could clash.

Alternatively, if your furniture is styled more naturally, with beige and cream, that’s when you choose a more vibrant color and pattern for your rug. It will perfectly match the rest of your room.

Colors for Texture / Material

How do you know what texture is right for your next authentic Moroccan rug? It’s important. You want your rug to last. So, think about the environment it will be in.

Do you have young children or pets? Find a material that’s going to last, and you can clean it with ease. Wool is an excellent choice.

Colors for Space

One of the most important factors to consider before you buy a Moroccan rug is the room it’s going to sit in. It sounds obvious, but the color of your rug can make a room feel different.

If you have a really big room, you might not want it to feel even bigger. It’s a good idea to give your room a focus of attention. So vibrant reds and purple shades would work perfectly here to grab your focus.

What color to choose?


A blue rug can be quite calming and charming in lots of rooms. You might go for a blue floral style or a light blue, which can look especially beautiful in the sunshine, both in the winter and the summer.


A gray rug is a versatile choice because it matches most other colors. Even if you have dark grey walls, a light shade of grey or a slight pattern will look ideal.


If you’re looking for an authentic Moroccan rug that adds that bright lick of color, red is the way to go. Choose any shade of red to complement your natural furniture.


A purple Moroccan rug is a lovely rich color to add to your room. This color often adds a sense of luxury to your room.

Now you know plenty more about the basics of choosing the right color Moroccan rug for you. If you need more inspiration, head over to our blog. Alternatively, you can head over to why you should choose rugs from Illuminate Collective.

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