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Why you should be choosing rugs from Illuminate Collective

by Justin Vorel 23 Sep 2022 0 Comments
Why you should be choosing rugs from Illuminate Collective


So, you’re wanting to add a splash of color to a family room in your home. Maybe you’re well-traveled in Morocco or Marrakesh and want to bring a bit into your own space. Alternatively, perhaps you’re redesigning a room and you want to inject some vibrant color and authenticity into the design. Are you wondering, “where should I buy Moroccan-style rugs”?

If that’s you, we’ve got the solution. Meet our huge selection of authentic Moroccan rugs online. Why should you shop Moroccan rugs for sale from us? We’ll explore the benefits of choosing Illuminate Collective if you want to style your home with something more unique, and still cozy.

3 Reasons you’ll love our handmade Moroccan rugs online

1. Quality Craftsmanship

You can order custom designer rugs anywhere online! But we’re proud to have an exceptionally talented team based in the heart of Morocco. Our staff love what they do, and work on a fair-trade business model.

We do it all ourselves, so every part of your new rug is perfectly designed. It’s completely bespoke because we have full control. That means we can give you the exact size, color, pattern, and full design you envision.

You name it, we can design you the perfect Moroccan-style rug you have in mind for the room in your home. We buy raw wool in the mountains. Then, we do design it from scratch to manufacture your dream rug, including weaving, washing, and cutting.

2. Huge selection of Moroccan rugs for sale

Not only are we completely bespoke, but we have a really extensive collection of Moroccan rugs for sale. So, you’re never short of choice which is important to us.

You can order our new in stock, as well as our custom designer rugs. But we also offer vintage rugs for those of you looking for a truly authentic feel in your rug. Our rugs come in all sorts of patterns and designs. There’s not one that’s too similar to another. So, you can find your favorite one, and order it to your custom measurements.

3. Moroccan culture is at the core of our design

Moroccan culture has long been known for its diversity. If you’ve visited Marrakesh, you’ll see that the people are incredibly friendly and love their own culture. Islam is well known for being the biggest religion of the culture, and family is a huge value for the Moroccan land.

That’s why we work with authentic Moroccan weavers to create beautiful rugs that people genuinely love homing, in their own homes!

That’s why you should choose our Moroccan-style rugs

What’s not to love? Next time you’re thinking about buying a colorful Moroccan rug online, don’t just order the first one you see online. Are you investing in a piece of Morocco? We believe it should be designed by a true weaver. So, take a look at the custom designer rugs we have available, and shop with Illuminate Collective to find your perfect Moroccan rug.

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