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How to Care for Your New Rug

by Justin Vorel 05 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Rugs or carpets are not just a flooring option; they are also a tool of self-expression. After choosing the perfect rug or carpet that suits your interior design, it's crucial to learn how to maintain your rugs.

Let's say you have just purchased the perfect rug for your home and are anticipating its arrival. The handcrafted rug has finally arrived from the crafter to your house. From unpacking to cleaning, caring for your beautiful carpet is crucial for its perseverance and longevity.

This article will cover the most frequently asked questions about cleaning & caring for your new rug and how to preserve it in its perfect condition over time.

How to Unpack and Place Your New Rug?

When the rug arrives at your home from a long journey, the first thing you need to do is immediately open it from the packaging and lay it out flat. Give it some space, and it will lay flat within 1-3 days. If the rug still does not flatten on its own, take a wet sponge and moisten the areas with crease or curling. It will help loosen the fibers and flatten the rug. Now it's time to position the rug in its spot and place the furniture. When placing the furniture, avoid putting furniture with sharp edges on the rug. Another thing to keep in mind when locating the rug is the traffic. Remember to adjust the spot you choose for the rug according to the traffic in that particular area.

Can You Vacuum Your New Rug?

New handwoven rugs might have tendencies to shed in the beginning – this is a regular occurrence with products made by hand with hand-spun wool. To reduce shedding, vacuum your rug regularly for the first few months. One thing to be mindful of when vacuuming is that the vacuum can suck the rug's fringes up and damage it. So, be careful when vacuuming around the edges. For new rugs, vacuuming every week is recommended.

How to Remove Stain from Your Rug?

Spot cleaning is a necessary practice for stain removal, and it can also help delay the extensive cleaning and save your time and energy. For spot cleaning, soak a rag in mild soap and water and dab the area gently that you want to clean with the rag. Finish up by soaking a rag in clean water and removing the soap from the rug.

How to Clean Your Rug?

When it comes to caring for the rug, a frequently asked question is, "How often should I clean my rug?" Well, that depends. The frequency can vary somewhere between three to seven years, depending on traffic, children, pets, etc. Using professional services who are experienced in rug cleaning is recommended for the best outcome.

It is worth mentioning that all the rugs woven at Illuminate Collective are made with premium dyes that will not bleed during the cleaning process. All the rugs are thoroughly washed and cleaned in our workshop and will arrive at your house ready to lay down in your space.

Are area Rug Pads Necessary?

Using a rug pad is recommended to protect your investment. A rug pad increases the longevity of your rug, prevents any color transfer to your floors, and provides adhesion between the rug and the floor to avoid slipping. You can find rug pads in any local rug store to help you preserve your rug.

How to Maintain Your Rug?

To ensure that one rug is not getting more traffic than the others, we recommend that you rotate them once a year or every six months. It not only preserves the life of your beautiful textile but also introduces new opportunities to update and tweak your design and flow of space. It is also essential to inspect your rugs regularly. Take a closer look at your rugs and see if any problems are occurring. If you find slight imperfections or wear occurring in your piece over time, it is crucial to address those issues immediately to avoid further damaging your carpet.

How to Store Rugs Long-Term?

For any reason, if you are not using the rugs and you want to store them, you can store them in a clear plastic bag. Spray the rug with essential oil or put lavender in the bag, which will keep the rug fresh and preserve it in its packaging. Remember to store it in a cool, dry place away from any moisture or insects.

If you have any questions or comments about how to clean & care for your rugs, click here to send it our way!

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