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5 Things to Keep in Mind to Perfectly Coordinate Your Rugs

by Justin Vorel 23 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Coordinate Your Rugs

If there is one foolproof way of decorating and ornamenting the floor of any space, it carefully coordinates rug colors and patterns. However, for many, it remains a daunting task with so many possibilities and opportunities.

This article will discuss the top 5 things to keep in mind to perfectly coordinate your rugs to make any place look fabulous. 


For interior design, color selection sets the tone for the entire space. The color palette you choose for the rest of the room pretty much decides the type and the color of the rug you can use there. 

Some rugs are confined to a particular color and may not suit the primary and the accent colors of the space. Pay attention to the color wheel and check which colors are compatible together. Regardless of the pattern and style, if the rug's color goes smoothly in the room, it already sets you up for success. 


Even though it can be considered a specialized skill, combining different patterns can create an aesthetically pleasing and out-of-the-ordinary look. 

When blending two different patterns within a single space, make sure they're of varying size- large and small. If one piece falls more on the side of vibrant colors and bold patterns, the other should balance it out with muted colors and petite, less striking patterns. For example, cowhides with a muted, printed natural fiber rug can make the room pop like nothing else. 


Layering is another helpful tool when it comes to coordinating different types of rug. Layering usually starts with the most oversized carpet at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. For the bottom layer, natural fiber plain rugs are safer to play with. 

Using a similar color rug on top as the bottom one works almost every time. However, you can bring fun and creativity by layering a different color and vibrant pattern on top. Again, for layering, cowhides seem to work with pretty much any rug in any space to create a classic look. 

Plain & Pattern

The best thing about a plain rug is that it seems to work in any space and gives you an empty canvas to work with. You can even use multiple simple rugs of the same color in ample space and still maintain the ambiance. 

Another way of coordinating rugs is to combine plain and pattern in the same space. A neutral color solid rug with an oriental carpet always seems to work. When choosing the solid rug, pull out one of the colors from the patterned rug to seal their coordination. It will also help you to stay within the color scheme of the room.


A simple yet effective technique is the concept of uniformity. Whether it's color or pattern, uniformity creates a consistent vibe throughout the entire space and brings the different pieces together. 

Choosing a muted color rug in a plain room and a traditional or Moroccan rug in a vintage-themed room completes the vibe or theme of the space. Aside from carpets, uniformity can also echo in the color and patterns of other pieces such as frames, decors, or fixtures. 

While designing and choosing rugs ultimately depends on your personal choice and creativity, playing by the rules can give you the confidence to bring the look and feel of your imagination to life. Despite all the rules and norms, if you're satisfied with the end result, that is all that matters.

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