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What Size Rug Should I get? (Works for any space)

by Justin Vorel 16 Apr 2021 0 Comments

What Size Rug Should I Get

Area rugs can bring elegance to any room, any time. These timeless pieces, when utilized correctly, can become the center of attention and a gorgeous décor in your house.

The correct addition of these chic rugs can completely transform the look and feel of a room— regardless of the color, material, size, or style. But with such powerful transformation capability, it can be an overwhelming challenge to figure out what size rug you need for your space and how to find that perfect carpet.

What Size Rug Should I Get?

Choosing the right size for a rug following space is the most crucial element that will affect the room's mood. With a few points in your mind, you can have confidence in choosing the right rug for any part of your house.

Sitting Areas

Ideally, any rugs in sitting areas should leave at least 1.5 feet to 2 feet on each side of the room to avoid making your space feel suffocated. However, in the sitting regions, it is recommended that a rug should accommodate at least the front leg of the chairs while still leaving enough space between each piece of furniture.

If you prefer to not have the legs of your chairs on the rug, the best decision is to center the chairs around the carpet for a larger space. It is generally best to avoid small rugs for a larger area to avoid a floating look.

Dining Area

If you choose to place a rug in the dining area, place it underneath the dining table. Ensure that all of the chairs have enough space to move without meeting the edge of the rugs.

A rule of thumb would be 2 feet on each side of the dining tables. Prioritize the rug ratio to the pieces placed on top of it to avoid that stuffy feel.


You can utilize rugs in hallways to trick the brain into thinking they are more extensive. Choose a runner that is a bit narrower than the width of the hallway itself. Ideally, the carpet should be 2 inches thinner than the hallway on each side.

A vintage rug can always add a welcoming element to front-door entryways. Choose a pattern and style that can endure the high foot traffic and conceal the potential wear and tear it will receive.


Fitting a rug in your bedroom depends mainly on the look and feel you're trying to achieve with space. You can go with a large rug that will go under the entire bed from head to toe, making your bedroom appear more prominent. However, many designers opt for a partially under-mattress carpet and not a nightstand for the smaller room.

If you do not want your bedroom to look stuffy, runners are the best possible option. A soft, narrow, and plush rug on each side of the bed will allow you to land your feet on the carpet in the morning and maintain a modern look.

Now that you know how to figure out the right size rug for your space, how can you find the perfect size for your unique room? We have you covered at Illuminate Collective. We offer custom rugs of any size, color, or pattern that will perfectly fit your individual choice and needs. Check out how you can design your own Rugs using a few simple steps.

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