Redesigning Our Interior


A fresh batch of Hand-Dyed Wool

Our Identity

Big things have been happening here at Illuminate Collective! The journey of our brand has been a story of learning and growth. We started by diving into the rich history and culture of the Moroccan rug industry, searching across the country for the most unique vintage rugs. After years of learning and expanding our reach, we took a step and began creating our own rugs. Through this process, we have continued exploring Moroccan heritage by finding and selling vintage rugs. However, we have grown our commitment to the continuation of the weaving tradition by building a team of master weavers and working together to produce new rugs that remain dedicated to the rich custom.

One of our newest rugs woven in the new workshop!

The Gift of Growth

Producing rugs has opened a huge door of opportunity, and both our team and vision keep expanding. Recently, we finalized the purchase of a brand-new (to us) workshop. This three-floor facility is perfectly suited to meet our production needs and provide ample room for continued growth. By transitioning into a much larger workspace, we have been able to unify our operations from 4 separate locations to one. Now, we can dye wool, spin foundation, weave, cut, wash, dry, and store our rugs all in one space! 

Half of the looms in the new space with plenty of room to expand!

Stronger Together

This new workshop has opened many opportunities for growth as we have welcomed quite a few new weavers to our team! These ladies worked for a different company before joining us. They have been trained in a different knot style than we use, so we have enjoyed learning from them as well as teaching them our style of weaving. This integration has continued to grow our variety and understanding of this rich industry. With all of these new transitions, there is still room for more potential growth! Currently, we have 12 ladies weaving on our team, but with this new workspace, we have the capacity to operate 20 looms – potentially up to 50 weavers! Our new facility also boasts the capability to host customers and friends with a full-service showroom. We are excited for the possibility to welcome people into our space and showcase the true beauty of the whole process. While we know and acknowledge that growth must be natural and sustainable, we are thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves and we are excited to see what steps are ahead! 

Natural wool is the building block to every fantastic new rug!

Design it Yourself!

Amid all of the excitement during this season, we want to highlight one of our services that has been available for a while and will hopefully grow during this new time of production. As we produce our custom designs, we want to offer the opportunity to create custom rugs designed by you, our customers! While our collection boasts a rich selection of both vintage and new rugs, we realize that sometimes you want the ability to see your vision be transformed into a beautiful piece of Moroccan art! We would love to work with you to make your dream become reality. This design program also allows us to tailor our existing new products to fit your needs more specifically. Is there a piece that you love but is the wrong size or shape for your space? Let us work with you to modify existing rugs to perfectly fit your home or work environment. If you have questions about this program, feel free to send us an email or contact us on social media – we would love to work with you! It's time to put the designing in your hands!

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