How to Design Your Own Rug


When it comes to rugs, the variation is simply endless. From colors, size, design to fringe style, we offer an endless collection of rugs.

When you’re shopping for rugs, take a stroll around the vast collection of Moroccan Style Rugs from Illuminate Rugs. The variety and different designs have something to offer for any interior! Each rug is woven with care and tells a different story, presenting true craftsmanship. Your perfect carpet might just be waiting for you.

Yet, you may have something unique in your mind. Whether you want a distinguished pattern or you have a unique place, we have got you covered with our custom rugs.

However, when it comes to customizing rugs Design, it can get confusing. This article will guide you in designing your rugs and answering the frequently asked questions about customizing rugs.

How to Customize Rugs?

The procedure of customizing the rug is quite simple. Send us a message.

Your message should include all the specifications.

  • Color
  • Space dimension or image
  • Design sample
  • Fringe style
  • Budget
  • Pile Height

We will then review your specifications and send you a quote.

What Color and Size Can I get?

We can make rugs in pretty much any color and size. So, don’t shy away from designing your rugs in many colors and sizes. 

We are entirely equipped to make rugs up to 16 feet long and accept orders for huge rugs. 

We can offer you any color you want in all of our rugs. We also work with custom dyes or pigments, meaning unique colors that we will customize only for you. We also offer variations in fringe styles, pile height, and looks. 

Do You Customize Rugs Often?

Yes, we work with clients with unique needs very often. The customization offers come in all kinds of variations, and our professionals can handle them very well. When it comes to designing your rug, remember clear communication is critical.

If you’re uncertain about any part of your design, discuss it with us. We will help you all the way, using our expertise and experience to create the perfect piece for you.

How Much Does a Custom Rug Cost?

Many people have this misconception that customized rugs are expensive. You will be surprised to know that it’s not expensive at all. All of our handwoven rugs come at a very reasonable price that can fit any budget.

We believe that there is a perfect rug for every home, and we want to help you create it. Please send us a message for custom orders. 

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